In my practice I experimented working with different objects and methods. In this short video work, I aim to visualize instability and constant change, these chaotic movements of balls with different size, texture and color, seem to follow an order that is unstable at the same time. Some of them are in a fixed position, while the others are passing fast. Together they create a shape consisting of small parts, just like a universe.


     The sound of the nature background, suggest that there is a natural element to the movement of these balls. It appears like a game being played and this shape is constantly changing and evolving. This unstable image echoes the changing nature of life and how it evolves.. Even though the image is constantly changing, there are moments where stillness prevails. 


    This project is an experimentation of different possibilities with using an object in different size, color and material. The balls could be seen as molecular compositions, or they could be seen as parts of universe. The mirror created a reflection of the balls and creates a feeling of uncanny.