The black and white photos I have used in this project are my parents' and grand parents' photos, all of which are pictures that are left from their life before the Iranian revolution in 1979. Some of the photos date back to the time of Iran- Iraq war in 1980-1988. This piece is silk screen print on fabric, hand stitched to the shoes.


It depicts the sense of loss and death. And the presence of absence of the owner of the shoes where the ultimate thing that we can do is to observe, at the end we see an image, of all the memories and emotions that are linked inside our conscious and unconsciousness mind, memories, belongings, and how we think we know this person very deeply.



     What I also represent in this work is that our individual memories and understanding of life differs from one person to another but is nonetheless shaped by the hegemonic ideas in the society we live in. The experience of life for an Iranian family, during the war for instance, is a result of a political situation. The underlying political element in the work is even more complex in that the society and interests of the state shape an individual’s character, as well. That is to say, it can never be “her” wearing the shoes but the state, which strictly controls what she, as a member of society does, through ideologies and hegemonic ideas. The state, in this sense, both creates and silences or ignores the lives, the faces, and the history of families. These contradictory implications that co-exist and are represented in "Mrs. M", I hope, would make an expression of respect, tenderness, and rage, at the same moment.